This process is done by lukewarm herbal oil. The lukewarm herbal oils are poured into cap fitted on the head for 15-60 min per day according to the patient’s condition. This treatment is highly effective in the patients suffering from severe headache, facial paralysis, dryness of mouth, nostril, and throat.


Duration of the process: 15-60 min daily.

Minimum: 7days

Maximum: up to 14 day

Diseases: Facial paralysis, Severe Headache, Epitaxsis.

7 to 14 days Package

  • Arrival at Ayurveda Centre
  • Check in Ayurveda Centre Cottage /Room
  • Breakfast in the Ayurveda Centre
  • After that your treatment start
  • Dinner at the Ayurveda Centre
  • Overnight at the Cottage/Room

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